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Posted by Safe Life Network - 25 October, 2017


5 Fun DIY Easter Crafts ...

Remember the days when Pinterest didn’t exist? The days when overdone craft projects were left only to caffeine-induced PTA parents? You could buy plastic Easter eggs at the drugstore and call it a day. You could tout store-bought muffins right into a school auction without any deeply embedded shame! Oh, the freedom! But now, DIY’s and Pinterest projects have suddenly become the norm. So, how can you make your Easter party the place to be?


Well, don’t freak out just yet. Here at McGruff, we’ve curated the perfect list for child-friendly Easter arts and crafts. No room for shame here!

Papier-mâché Easter eggs


chick in easter egg


Don’t let those French accent marks fool you. The title sounds more daunting than it is needs to be. If you want to level-up on your Easter egg hunt, then these are perfect for that. Created with water balloons, you can make these eggs in a variety of different shapes and sizes (more room for candy storage!). When finished and dry, you can crack them open like a regular egg. For detailed instructions, visit notmartha.


Chick Puppet With A Wooden Spoon


wooden spoon.jpg


A project that’s safe for young children, and toddlers! Buy a bag of wooden spoons at the dollar store, along with some child-safe yellow paint, eyes, yellow feathers, and orange felt. This craft project is fast and simple, and can be executed in less than twenty minutes. Tell other parents you hatched this idea yourself, and get egg-stra brownie points! Detailed instructions by Activityvillage.


Bunny fingerprints


fingerprint craft.jpg


If you want to take your child’s DNA and turn it something even more extraordinary, bunny and chick fingerprints are the way to go. At your Easter party, set up a painting/decoration station. All you need is child-safe paint or a stamp ink pad, and a sharpie to draw in the details! Hang these pieces of modern art on your wall to keep the memories alive. Detailed instructions by chickabug.


Brown Sack Easter Masks


paperbag craft.jpg


Want an even more lowkey project that will earn some applause? Take your old grocery bags, and upcycle them into Easter masks for your kids! The materials are simple, and can be found anywhere in the house. All you need is an old grocery bag, colored construction paper, glue, and a marker to draw in any extra details. Full instructions by Oh Happy Day.


Jumping Easter Bunnies


jumping bunny craft.jpg


Now, for the big finish. While this does take more time and effort, it is certainly not difficult to accomplish. Of course, once finished, you can always wax poetic about how painstaking the creative process was. Just for the salutes. With the pull of a string, you can make the legs and arms of your rabbit move! Full instructions found on Pottery Barn.

Simple, right? So maybe this coming Easter won’t be that hard to crack. With ideas like these, you’re sure to be the subject of everyone’s affection.