Things This Generation of Moms Do That Ours Didn't.


Posted by Safe Life Network - 25 October, 2017


Traveling with Toddlers ...

Parenting young children brings traveling to a completely new level of complicated, as everything once accepted as routine must be reexamined. Rigid chedules are more difficult to stick to, more safety precautions must be taken, and discipline suddenly renders itself ineffective despite great consideration for others.
     ...but don't panic! We have gathered the best tips from other parents who have also shared your travel dilemmas, and learned from experience so you won't have to.

All parents will agree that keeping their children safe remains a top priority. Protect your little one by keeping a record of their fingerprints and DNA on hand with your McGruff Safe Kit, which will also help teach them how to react in various everyday situations. Request your kit today!



  • Bring your sling - it makes for a perfect napping spot
  • Extra bottles are never a waste of space!
  • Feed them a little less than ususal: it will result in less spit-up than usual
  • Hide their favorite toy before the trip, and suprise them with it on the plane for something "new" and entertaining.


Pack light. You can always buy some of the essentials when you arrive.

Nap planning. To prevent irritated infants and toddlers, go back to your home base on a regular basis.

Stay in a routine. Keep regular eating and bedtime routines so your toddler can enjoy the adventure, and be able to count on a predictable schedule.

Request additonal services. Whether it be amusement parks, resorts, or other kid-oriented attractions, many destination sites offer special services and reserve select travel seasons for families with young children. Always ask, you have nothing to lose!

Slow and simple. Taking frequent breaks and arranging less complicated activites is essential for minimizing frustration.


  • Begin long road trips during naptime, or even bedtime.
  • Take along a familiar blanket or toy. Bring a replacement in case the favorite object gets lost or left behind.
  • Call ahead to gather details before a trip, especially airline rules and amenities for babies and children. Hotels may have equipment that you can borrow or rent.
  • Bring bottled water and a small first aid kit.
  • Safely is key: have your child's fingerprints ready at a moment's notice by keeping your McGruff Safe Kit handy.
  • Rather than packing a lot of diapers, bring a few and buy more when you arrive at your destination.
  • Avoid over-scheduling so you can keep regular eating and sleeping patterns.
  • Dress your child in a super-absorbent diaper before boarding a plane.
  • Quiet activites such as games, puzzles, books on tape and electronics can save your sanity on long trips.
  • Begin each day early, since most toddlers are wide-awake and ready to go before the rest of the world. Also, end the day early with activies that are more relaxing.
  • Occasional meltdowns are normal, but try to avoid them by giving your little one time and room to run around.

Your child’s early years won’t last long, so plan well, keep expectations realistic, stay safe, and try to enjoy the journey.